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Point réflexe pied séance réflexologie

I called on Delphine for my 7 year old son's bedwetting problem. Reflexology helped to improve his problem significantly. My son had full diapers every night. Since the intervention of Delphine who did 5 sessions with him, he has dry diapers several times a week. Unfortunately, the problem is not completely solved and we have not been able to continue the follow-up due to organizational problems. I hope to be able to continue the follow-up soon because it is the best solution I have tried to solve this problem. It also allowed my son, who never sits still, to settle down quietly and for a long time during the treatment, much to my surprise. Delphine was able to establish a relationship of trust with my son and to develop a communication with him that he appreciates very much and that allows him to address subjects that he is not necessarily comfortable having with his father or me.


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