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Who am I ?

Committed by nature, I spent 10 years of my life traveling the world in a medical humanitarian organization.

In parallel to the conventional emergency medicine that I attended every day, I quickly became interested in natural medicines and their benefits in maintaining our health capital. Under considerable stress and in complex living and working conditions, I first experimented and observed on myself the beneficial effects of different techniques (sophrology, yoga, reflexology, etc.)

Then, several of my relatives declared chronic illnesses linked to the western lifestyle; so my emerging passion for natural care, and the support it can provide, has only been reinforced. Many beautiful encounters and twenty countries later, I felt that a change of path was necessary.


Today, as a reflexologist trained in Chinese energy, I propose to help you find an inner harmony, on the physical, mental and emotional levels. I accompany you in this personal rebalancing with kindness and sobriety. Whether your approach is preventive, or linked to recent or chronic disorders, let's explore together, and at your own pace, your way to well-being.


Delphine Durand Reflexologue Réflexologie Médecine Chinoise Essaouira Bien être
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