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Details on the course of a session

A reflexology session starts with a discussion about your general condition and the possible disorders you are currently experiencing. After that, you sit down on an adapted relaxation chair, fully dressed and only the parts of the body that will benefit from the treatment are uncovered (feet, hands, face, ears).

The treatment is performed with natural and organic vegetable oils.

Duration and Frequency


It requires 1h15 for the first session and 1h for the following ones.



As a preventive measure, it is advisable to schedule one to two session at each change of season in order to support the transition that takes place at this time and to reinforce the body's self-regulation processes.

For recent acute disorders, 3 to 5 sessions over a period of a few weeks are generally sufficient to obtain an improvement.

For chronic disorders, several sessions in close succession and then a medium to long term follow-up may be necessary.

Each person is different, so the number of sessions is always variable depending on the disorder, its chronicity and the body's capacity for self-regulation.

Contraindications and precautions

Foot reflexology is not indicated if you suffer from a serious circulation disorder (such as phlebitis, arteritis) or trauma to the area concerned (e.g. recent sprain, fracture). In these cases, an adapted session can be proposed using different techniques (palmar, auricular, facial reflexology).

Special precautions will be taken in case of pregnancy, for children, elderly people or people under medication.

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss.


Price for a session

Session at the office : 300 DH

An extra charge of 50 DH is applied for home sessions (for the areas of Essaouira city, Douar Laraab, Ghazoua). For other areas, please contact me.


Packages for several sessions

"Seasonal prevention" package (5 sessions over 12 months maximum): 1'250 DH

"Rebalancing follow-up" package (6 sessions over 6 months maximum): 1'500 DH

An additional travel fee will be applied to the packages if the sessions are held at the consultant's home (see above).

Consulting places

The session takes place in my office in Essaouira, located on Rue Charif El Idrissi, quartier des dunes. 

The session can also take place at your home in Essaouira and surrounding areas. Do not hesitate to contact me directly for more details and to make an appointment. I will come with all the necessary equipment to carry out the treatment.

Cabinet réflexologie Essaouira Réflexologue

This gentle technique does not in any way replace the advice of a doctor. In accordance with the law n°10-94 and the law n°45-13, it is not medical care or physiotherapy.

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